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Eric Lloyd Wright – ArchitecT - Principal Expert commentator

For his entire life, Eric Lloyd Wright has been quietly but steadily studying, living, and breathing the work of his grandfather with humility and grace. Eric was born and raised in Hollywood, California at the home and architecture studio of his father, Lloyd Wright. In early high school Eric began working summers at his grandfather’s farm, home and studio called Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin. It was during Eric's first summer stay at Taliesin at the age of 15 that he decided to commit his life to Organic Architecture. Now, having studied and worked alongside his grandfather and father for many years, followed by decades at the helm of his own practice, Eric Lloyd Wright has a knowledge and perspective into Organic Architecture like no one else in the world.

Eric Lloyd Wright is Founder and Principal Architect of Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates, Architects & Planners. In his time at Taliesin and Taliesin West he worked with his grandfather on such notable projects as the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin, and the Tonkens House in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1955, Eric was sent by Frank Lloyd Wright himself to be the original on-site construction manager of the Tonkens House. Eric and his Chief Associates have established Wright-Parkhurst-Wear, Restoration & Design and are consultants on several Frank Lloyd Wright projects, including the Tonkens House. Eric’s portfolio includes the restoration and renovation of Frank Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Wright works as well as timeless residences and commercial buildings of his own inspired design.

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Hannah Wear – Chief Associate/Studio Coordinator to Eric Lloyd Wright - Expert - producer

Hannah coordinates the operations of the ELWA Studio and is a Project Manager and systems expert with a broad understanding of contemporary and alternative mechanical systems. As the daughter of an organic architect and personal friends with the Eric Wright family since her early childhood, she has a deeply rooted and intrinsic understanding of the language and values of Organic Architecture.  In her work, she is particularly interested in assessing the needs and parameters of clients and integrating innovative solutions that are thoughtful and effective in providing for these needs, while also striving to create beautiful and rewarding spaces.

Hannah is deeply concerned about the environmental quality of the materials we use in buildings and has extensive knowledge on environmentally responsible building products. She is a specialist in passive and active solar design and has hands on experience working with solar electric and wind power generation systems.  She is very interested in the relationships between form and siting to create buildings that are intrinsically efficient and environmentally responsive.

Hannah is also Vice President of Operations for Design Integration Group, an ecological design and construction company, as well as the Program Coordinator for Wright Way Organic Resource Center, a non-profit project providing social and environmental education programs, which both operate out of the same studio spaces as ELWA.  Along with her partner, Kevin Parkhurst, Hannah has been working closely with Mr. Wright towards the evolution of the principles and aesthetics of Organic Architecture with the influence of the insights and concepts of ecological design and our contemporary understanding of social and environmental issues. 

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Kevin Parkhurst, LEED AP – Chief Associate/Design Coordinator to Eric Lloyd Wright - EXPERT

As Chief Associate/Design Coordinator at ELWA, Kevin coordinates the design process of projects within the Studio and is a Project Manager with an extensive background in group decision making processes, environmental planning and policy development and ecological design. He has an interest in integrating infrastructure and mechanical systems into the design concept to enhance and harmonize with the design. He is especially interested in master planning for projects with a broad-based and holistic approach in responding to the needs of the client, aspects of the particular site, and integration of the building with the natural environment.

Kevin is the founding Executive Director of Wright Way Organic Resource Center, a not-for-profit project providing social and environmental education programs based in a rustic 24-acre site in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu, California.  Kevin is also Founder and President of Design Integration Group, an ecological design and construction company with an alternative energy arm operating as Malibu Solar with projects primarily in the Santa Monica Mountains region.

Along with his wife, Hannah Wear, Kevin has been working closely with Mr. Wright towards the evolution of Organic Architecture with the influence of the insights and concepts of ecological design and our contemporary understanding of social and environmental issues. Kevin is a licensed contractor and has hands on experience with solar electric and wind power generation systems and has worked to minimize environmental impacts in construction and post construction occupancy.

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BRIAN CARTER – Producer - Director

Brian has over 20 years of experience in the film, TV and music industries. He has composed music for feature films which have been released theatrically world-wide. He has produced and worked on TV shows and film that have aired on PBS, FOX, HBO, ABC Family, National Lampoon and the Hallmark Channels. Brian's years of experience as a producer, composer, cinematographer, picture editor and post production supervisor all add up to Brian being a "hands on" producer. Brian very much enjoys team work and collaborative creative processes. His eye for excellence and his experience in all these aspects of production make him an incredible asset to our creative team.

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GARY TOmchuk – Associate Producer - Consultant 

Gary is Founder/CEO of Aware Cinema, a marketing and distribution platform for films for social change. He is also co-founder of Producer Foundry, an accelerator for independent film bringing Silicon Valley practices to the film world.  As CEO of Ethical Markets Media he launched the first national weekly TV series on socially responsible business to over 44 million homes through PBS stations. He was cofounder of and served as COO of Passionate Living Media a television, print, radio and internet transmedia company.

In addition, Gary served as COO for the launch of PlayItFWD digital distribution platform, and the Harmony Channel on Comcast VOD.  He has also worked in key roles with, Deepak Chopra’s, Whole Life Expos and Media, and Inspired Media. He has organized, produced, and promoted major events, such as the Healthy Living Expo, and through his years of experience advancing social and environmental awareness he has had the opportunity to work with many notable leaders. He was Executive Director of the Association of Transformational Media Artists (ATMA), Media, Entertainment, Technology, Arts (META) and the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE), and a Director on the Board of several organizations and companies. He is a mentor for Creative Visions Foundation, and has been an advisor to the Social Change Film Festival and the SF Green Film Festival. As a proven leader who produces incredible results, we are fortunate to have him as part of our team.