Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most well-known architects in the world, coined the term “Organic Architecture” and brought its principles into use in modern day architecture. He spent his entire life developing and perfecting its practice. In the words of his grandson, Eric Lloyd Wright, and others who studied, lived, and worked directly with Frank Lloyd Wright, these programs give us a personal look into the family, philosophies, and projects of Organic Architecture like never seen before. From the foundations up we will explore the Wright family legacy of interweaving civilization and human habitation with the natural world.

For his entire life, Eric Lloyd Wright (born 1929) has been studying, living, and breathing the work of his grandfather with humility and grace. In early high school Eric began working summers at his grandfather’s farm, home, and studio in Wisconsin, called Taliesin, and it was then he decided to commit his life to Organic Architecture. Now, after having studied and worked alongside his grandfather and father for many years, followed by decades at the helm of his own practice, Eric has a knowledge and perspective into Organic Architecture like no one else in the world.

In these 2 episodes Eric Lloyd Wright shares the philosophies of Organic Architecture and offers us a perspective into what inspired his family in creating these timeless masterpieces. Personal memories bring greater insights to some of the most iconic buildings in the world designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Eric and other Taliesin apprentices share their personal memories of what it was like to live with, learn from, and work side by side with the architectural master himself, and walk us through life at Taliesin, illustrating the talented people and inspiring atmosphere created by Wright in his life. We will also explore the many ways in which nature inspired Frank Lloyd Wright and we will gain insight into how music plays an instrumental role in the Wright legacy of architectural design. 

Ultimately, we will come to know what Frank Lloyd Wright meant when he insisted "if you want to have great architecture, you need to have great architects." In today’s modern world of wasteful design and many buildings unrelated to their surroundings and the natural environment, the need for Organic Architecture, advancing sustainable building, and developing a solution-finding 'creative culture' is more important than ever.

Please join Eric Lloyd Wright and his associates as we explore the inspiring philosophies, touching stories and legendary projects that have put the Wright family’s Organic Legacy on the architectural maps forever – a legacy built upon the basic understanding that human civilization best serves itself when it lives and grows in harmony with nature.

This show is developed and produced through Greener Productions, a group serving to educate and activate people to be creative, aware and engaged in their communities and working to develop and promote socially and environmentally responsible action in all aspects of life. 

This show is produced through Greener Productions.

Frank Lloyd Wright always said if you wanted to have great architecture, you had to have great architects.
— Eric Lloyd Wright



•  Organic Architecture Philosophies

•  The Legacy Continues, Eric L. Wright

•  More than Architecture, a Way of Life

•  A Complete Education: Taliesin


•  More Organic Architecture Philosophy

•  Memories of Taliesin

•  Frank Lloyd Wright Genius

•  Organic Architecture and Culture


•  Two 54 minute Episodes

•  English

•  Currently in Production